Our Clients

Success is measured by the results we deliver

A growing number of large and sophisticated energy users rely on EPEX to manage commodity risk and procure the most competitively priced energy supplies. Our expertise and market knowledge is unmatched.

The EPEX client portfolio is diverse — ranging from some of the largest manufacturers and service companies in the world to local school districts and property management firms. Through negotiations with multiple suppliers that leverage the buying power of our client base, we enable companies to maximize their energy savings.

Our client-base is comprised of companies and enterprises within five categories:

Chemistry Council of New Jersey

EPEX is the Energy Consultant for the Chemistry Council of New Jersey’s (CCNJ’s) Electricity Purchasing Program, which is one of the largest industrial electricity aggregations in the country. We have been in the role of Program Manager since the beginning of electricity competition in New Jersey in 1999. The aggregate CCNJ electricity usage profile represents many of the largest energy users in the country. Participating CCNJ members use over 300 mega-watts of peak electricity load with total annual electricity cost in excess of $150 million. Thanks to our procurement strategies, participants in the program have saved between 15% and 25%.

Commercial Properties

Large real estate investment trusts have been part of the EPEX client base since the beginning of electricity deregulation in 1998. EPEX has successfully managed the energy budget of this portfolio of accounts by proactively recommending long-term energy purchases. As deregulation has expanded throughout the United States, our procurement recommendations have resulted in significant savings. The goals of budget certainty and obtaining the lowest cost for electricity supply are evaluated for each individual procurement decision. As a valued partner, EPEX provides extensive market intelligence and procurement expertise.

Industrial Companies

EPEX assists many industrial companies with the procurement of electricity and natural gas. Our industrial clients range from very large, multi-facility complexes with on-site generation to mid-sized, single-site plants. For these clients, EPEX services include: developing energy procurement strategies specific to the needs of each individual plant; soliciting energy supply bids; reviewing and negotiating supplier contracts; providing monthly cost and usage reports; assisting in budgeting; and educating staff on the ever-changing energy supply issues. Through our efforts, our industrial clients have been able to mitigate substantial market increases in the price of electricity and natural gas.

School Districts

Orange County and Rockland County Schools have relied on EPEX for electricity and natural gas procurement services since 2001. Our strategies have helped the school districts meet their budgetary goals, while protecting against volatile market rates. We prepare requests for bids; evaluate each bid; conduct countywide meetings to select and award bids; provide quarterly savings reports and annual budget projections; assist with preparing board resolutions; and educate school business officials on energy purchasing. We also aid the school districts in optimizing utility transportation rates, and switching from gas to oil for greater savings. What’s more, the school districts track their energy procurement successes through the quarterly energy reports EPEX provides.

Small Businesses

Small businesses have been EPEX clients since our company began. These customers, who may not use a significant amount of energy on their own, benefit from the leverage of our client base. Through EPEX, small businesses are able to gain access to the best prices and favorable contract terms and conditions previously only available to the largest energy users.

EPEX has helped these clients save tens of millions of dollars through both regulated and competitive retail electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil negotiations. When you partner with EPEX, you can count on our expertise to achieve the same kind of results for you. One of our principals will work closely with you in customizing a procurement strategy that meets your needs.