Our Difference

The EPEX Difference

Personalized implementation and results are what set us apart from other energy consultants.

It is no surprise that EPEX has become the foremost independent energy procurement consultancy. Our collective experience and knowledge have fostered an expertise that is unmatched in the industry. As a result, when working with our clients, we are able to bring to light the many nuances and complexities of the energy procurement process.

We provide superior procurement results through a combination of factors:

Direct Contact

Direct contact with one of our principals ensures that you continually receive the highest quality of service. This is a distinct advantage over other consulting companies that turn your account over to an inexperienced employee once the sale has been made.

Large Client Portfolio

Our large client portfolio provides access to market intelligence and negotiating leverage with suppliers.

Individual and Independent

Individual and independent procurement advice and market monitoring to take advantage of favorable market conditions.


Experience in negotiating and implementing complex energy procurement contracts that protect the interest of our clients.

Energy Bill Verification

Energy bill verification that utilizes hourly usage and cost components to validate the accuracy of competitive supplier and regulated utility bills.

Energy Reports

Energy reports to track procurement performance and benchmark energy usage and cost.

Our value is not just in what we do, but also in what we don’t do

Does your energy consultant…

1. Accept fees or payments from suppliers?

EPEX is independent and unbiased. We are not a broker, reseller, agent, nor affiliate of a larger energy company. Our recommendations are always made with the best interests of our clients in mind.

2. Wait until right before your contract is up to negotiate a new supply agreement?

EPEX will implement a comprehensive procurement strategy that takes advantage of our real-time access to energy market pricing. We conduct technical and fundamental market analysis and modeling so that we can advise you on the most economic time to purchase.

3. Frequently change the employees who service your account?

With EPEX, you can always count on having a principal as your point of contact. By getting to know you and your business requirements, we are able to tailor our recommendations to your specific needs. In turn, you’ll have the confidence of knowing the guidance you receive is backed by the experience of an EPEX principal.

4. Apply standardized “one-size-fits-all” solutions to meet your needs?

Procurement decisions should never be a one-size fits all proposition. That’s why EPEX principals pride themselves in identifying and understanding the unique procurement and budgetary goals of each individual client.

5. Disappear once the bid process is completed?

Making the most of your energy purchasing is an ongoing process. EPEX maintains a close relationship with each of our clients — from bid management through cost reporting. We check every supply bill to ensure that our clients are actually deriving the benefits of our procurement services.

6. Claim to be everything to everyone?

Many energy consultants over-promise and under-deliver. At EPEX, we keep our expertise focused. As a result, we have become the foremost independent natural gas and electricity procurement consultant in the U.S.

7. Make purchasing decisions without consulting you first?

EPEX will make procurement recommendations, but the final decision always remains with the client.

8. Make the purchasing decision too complex?

EPEX principals are experts at simplifying the procurement process through the use of our proprietary bid analysis model and risk continuum matrix. Getting the best price sometimes requires the use of complex procurement strategies. EPEX can make those decisions understandable. We like to say that we shed “light” on a complex subject.